This time next week, Friday the 8th of March we will be nearly finishing our first day in our new jobs. We are both really looking forward to it and so is the bank balance. We have enjoyed our two weeks here in south Molton on a campsite we used to stay on a few years ago. There are a lot of changes gone on. My friend Chris who keeps his caravan here and loves his wildlife, not the party all night and drink all night wildlife but the wildlife as in nature. He has put a hide up in the woods here and gave me a key to use after he went back home last weekend because I also like the wildlife. There is a kingfisher that visits the pond and Chris has got some great photos. Unfortunately I have not managed to get a photo of the kingfisher and have only seen it twice. I have always wanted to get a good photo of a kingfisher but on this occasion it’s not going to happen.

The hide where I have spent some hours watching and waiting.

I have seen deer in the woods and a variety of birds including, blue tits, coal tits, long tailed tits, nuthatches, goldcrests, heron, song thrush and a robin came and sung to me.

Also the frogs starting to spawn right in front the hide. You have to look closely amongst the weed and then you see little eyes looking back at you.

We have caught up with some friends while back in Devon but not had time to catch up with everyone. Nikki has caught up on her washing, well and mine so we have some cloths to wear. I have had the camper remapped so it’s better for towing. When we leave here on Tuesday to head for Cirencester we will have the car on tow.

We have a full days training on Monday at Paignton. Machine training so Nikki will be a tractor driver after that. We then leave on Tuesday for Cirencester, get set up on Tuesday and have a couple of days to look around the area before start day Friday. That’s us up to date. Will let you know how we get on. One last photo just because I liked it.