We left the farm stay the next day in the rain and headed out on the motorway for Grisolles. Another aire for the night which is a leisure centre carpark we have used before. As we came off the motorway just north of Toulouse we saw our first yellow vests stood on a roundabout with their shelters etc. We gave them a toot and a wave. We also saw speed cameras all covered up with bin bags and some were burnt out. And at one of the tolls the barriers were ripped off. We got to the aire just in time, just after we got there the carpark filled up because there was something going on in the leisure centre. By the look of the peaple going in, youngest being about 90 it was not going to be a late night. My worry was all those peaple getting in their cars after a sherry or two. And as sure as eggs are eggs about 8pm they started to leave and bang, crash, a shout of WOW and a lot of French shouting. A coach coming to pick up the sherry drinking fossils had hit a car.

On the road the next morning heading for the A20 which would take us to the campsite we were heading for, camping De MontrĂ©al at St Germain les belles. Run by a Dutch couple it’s a great site in a real oldie French village. The site has loads of old bits and pieces everywhere you look. We had a choice of pitches and chose one with a view.

It was cold outside and snow forecast for the next day, but we are warm inside. The next morning it was about -2 that’s what the weather app said. There was no frost but the ground was all crunchy. And then it started to snow lightly. We don’t like to be cooped up inside all day so decided to go for a small walk round the village in the snow. As we walked up past the school there was a load of kids all shouting and waving out the windows. You would think they have never seen a bloke in shorts in the snow before. What sheltered lives they must live. We also saw a snow plough going out which wasn’t a good sign. Back to the warmth of the camper for lunch and then the snow started to really come down. 24 hours after the first picture this is what it looked like. And there is more forecast for today. We like it here which is a good job because we won’t be able to get out the village today. We are at the bottom of a hill and the road to get back on the main road is up and down and very winding. We have some days to play with before the ferry so no problem. …….hopefully.