After the snow that descended upon us while at camping de Montreal, so I could take some loverly pictures, we wanted to move on north so we planned to leave on the Friday after checking the weather forecast etc. Thursday was a beautiful day with sunshine but with a brisk wind and all the snow had gone. Friday morning we woke to find another load of snow dumped in the area and not only that it had rained and froze also. We are not going anywhere. The campsite is at the bottom of a hill in a valley and the only way out is uphill. We waited until 11 o’clock and thought let’s go as we really wanted to spend some time up at tours. We got out the campsite but as soon as we got on the uphill road we were going nowhere. Hazard lights on and roll backwards and reverse into campsite road. A couple of other cars also came by us and got stuck.

By this time Hans the owner of the campsite had come up to us to make sure everything was ok. We said we would be staying another night. No problem he says have a free night on me. So back onto our pitch we went. Later that day we went for a walk up into the village and the roads were a lot better by then but to late for us to leave. Manana !

By the time we got up on Saturday the snow had all gone. Only the molehills had snow on them which looked really weird. Why did that bit not melt.

The campsite at Tours we were heading for is right by the river Loire and a cycle path runs for miles in both directions which is why we chose to go there. The weather was not being kind to us again, lots of rain and wind. The campsite opens at 3 pm. As we’re getting towards the area we can see there’s a huge traveller community in the area. The campsite has a huge big Gate at the entrance, I wonder why. Booked in by a French guy who spoke very good English he assures us it’s safe on site. We get parked up and set up. Then the electric keeps tripping. I wander over to reception and tell the man. He comes out and looks at it, discovers one of the big fuses is hot and has burnt out wire connecting it. So he plugs me into the one next to it and wiggles the wire in the burnt out one until it breaks and that is it, he has fixed it.

We left there this morning heading for a site just by Le Mans for two days, 48 hrs with good electric. We came here last year on our way home. The sun is shining at the moment but rain is forecast for tomorrow.