We left Benicarlo this morning after a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon on toast. In bright sunshine we were heading for an aire just outside Girona. Not too much traffic about even getting around Barcelona was easy, although I would have hated to take a wrong turn and ended up in the city itself.

We got to the aire in good time. Sat nav doing a great job. I must say this new sat nav has been fantastic. The aire is on a working farm a stones throw from a village called Salitja just south of Girona. As the crow flys not far from the airport. The farm has been in the same family since 1909. When they first started they had four cows and now have 1150, I counted them all. The manure from the cows produces electricity through a biogas plant which runs the farm. So basically I am sat here in my camper, a cow is stood over the road from me, the cow shits, the farmer picks it up, puts it in a machine so I can turn a light on in my camper. What a wonderful world we live in.

The aire is free, but it’s nice to buy something from the farm shop. I really like this idea so we went and bought some eggs, yoghurt, and steak. The steak never came from the cow that supplied me with my electric. There is also a museum at the farm full of old farm machinery, old tools etc which would all have been used on the farm over the years. This is also free to look around.

Tomorrow we leave here and cross the border into France, not looking forward to that because it’s going to be cold. I looked at the forecast for the next few days of where we are heading and it looks like our run of sunny days is going to end, as there is some snow forecast and rain. Hope we don’t get too much snow, not fun driving in the snow when you’re 9 metres long and five ton in weight. Another thing we have to dodge is the yellow vest brigade who are still demonstrating on the roads over the fuel prices. We filled up today in spain as it’s cheaper so should keep us going for a while into France. Our yellow vests will be on the dashboard and will hoot as we pass to show we agree with them, which I do. The cost of fuel in France has gone up so much and they are doing something about it. I don’t agree with all the violence but do agree with if you don’t like something do something about it.