Our two days at Soustons was not long enough but this year we are on a mission to get to the sun in spain. We biked around the lake with a stop at the cake shop to refuel. The French do know how to do cakes, and we know how to eat them. We walked down to the beach. The sea was rough and huge but the sun was out as we strolled along bare feet in the sand reminding ourselves that it was November and our friends we had left behind in the UK were huddled up indoors with the heating on while the rain and wind bashed against the windows.

When we left the next day we hit a traffic jam due to roadworks, but a good photo opportunity to see the camper from a different angle. Nikki took the photo with her phone. And yes we were stopped at the time.

It’s about an hour to the border from Soustons and we were soon in spain and climbing up over the Pyrenees and heading for our next stopover for the night which was to be a leisure centre carpark. We had been there before so knew it was safe and quiet.

Up early this morning and on the road by 8am, we had a long drive today to get to Benicarlo where we booked onto a campsite right by the sea. We have stayed here a few times before. There are a couple of routes to get there, one which I wanted to try but was advised not really suitable for a big camper so we stuck with the route sat nav was going to send us. I must say our new sat nav is doing very well. The route was nearly all motorway but we cruised along at about 60 mph. The motorway was really quiet as lorry’s are not allowed to drive on Sunday’s unless they are carrying perishable goods. The road was open, the sun was out, spanish radio was playing and we were clocking up the miles. We came off one section of motorway to a road that would take us over a huge mountain. Up and up and around hairpin bends we went. With a huge big drop off on my side and bend after bend it was interesting. Nikki was hanging on to the door handle and had stopped breathing and to be honest looked terrified. After the decent the other side with me saying I would love to do this on my skateboard or my bike when we got to the bottom and levelled out she started to breath again. Good job really as she had gone a bit red.

275 miles after leaving Cascante we arrived at The campsite at Benicarlo and parked up. Off for a shower and chair out in the sun with a nice cold beer. The long drive was worth it. We are here for three nights then move on to Villajoyosa.