Up bright and early to get to the ferry terminal, all of about five miles from the campsite out side Poole but don’t like to be late. Checked in and lined up waiting and one of the ferry terminal workers came up to us and asked if we minded being parked on the lower deck because they are having trouble with one of the doors so we have to drive on and turn around on the ferry so we can come of the same way at the other end. Trouble with the door, is the seal leaking I asked. No no it’s fine I knew as soon as I said that it sounded wrong he said. I told Nikki to get online and join the RNLA and get a couple of T shirts, that way if the ferry goes down when they come to rescue us they will see we are members and save us first. Luckily the ferry never sunk and we had a calm crossing.

We got off the ferry at 2pm and the idea was to drive to an aire we went to last year for the first night, but the sun was out and the roads were good so we went for plan B which was to drive a bit further. We are on a mission to get to spain this year because we only have three months away instead of our usual four because of changing our jobs next year. More of that later. We got to a bigger supermarket and decided that was enough driving, the light was fading fast, I was getting tired and hungry. Good nights sleep and loverly and quiet after the supermarket closed at 7.30 pm. In the morning Nikki strolled across to the supermarket to get a couple of French sticks etc. The name of the town was called Nozay where we were parked. Do you get the title now. We had breakfast and then fuelled up and out on the road heading for a campsite near Montendre called Twin lakes which we have stayed on before.

The drive was a long one and it was raining. The French have changed there speed limits from 90 to 80 kmh on some roads and you can get a speeding ticket now, so I had to watch my speed, and Nikki also watched it for me and the sat nav also told me if I was going over the limit. Trouble is the motorhome drives so nice and just wants to go. But we did save on fuel sticking to 55/60 mph. We were actually getting 27.4 mpg. Not bad at all for a 30 ft 5 ton campervan.

The idea of going back to Twin lakes was that when we were there three years ago we met two loverly couples and had such a laugh, down at the bar early doors. Sadly one of the guys died about 18 months ago. His wife has since sold the motorhome because it was to big for her on her own and bought a smaller one. We said we were going to go back to the site and raise a glass for dear old Bill, which we did. RIP Bill you were a star.

We left Twin lakes this morning and headed for our favourite aire Soustons which is where we will be for a couple of days before crossing into Spain on Saturday.