After leaving the Devizes campsite we headed for Rookesbury park, a campsite in Hampshire. After turning off the main road a long sweeping drive took us down into the campsite. What a fantastic campsite it was. Very quiet and right on the edge of Bere forest which I planned to explore. Not too many peaple here either because it closed the week we were there. We walked into Wickham the nearest village, through the forest and along a old railway line. Later that day I went to explore in the forest, talking to nobody except the trees and bushes and myself. No I am not going mad but there was no one else to talk to.

After a couple of days on the site we headed for Lipook which is where I had to get my levelling jacks serviced. Pulling into a small industrial estate and trying to find a small unit was fun but we found it. Greeted by an Eastern European  guy who said he was going to service my jacks. I told him about the loss of power to them and he started to scratch his head and started to take all the dash board panels off and then scratch his head again. I don’t think he had nits he was just trying to come up with solutions. At this point I was losing confidence in him. My motorhome is my baby and I said to him, shall I rebook for another day? His reply, if you come back another day the problem will still be here, I will fix it. I walked away and he turned to Nikki and said your husband does not trust me. She informed him that the motorhome was my baby.

While I was outside the workshop talking to another guy, I asked him if the guy pulling my motorhome apart knew his stuff. He assured me he will fix it and knows what he is doing and is very trustworthy. My confidence was restored. About an hour later the job was done, the fault found and the jacks serviced. I shook the guys hand and apologised to him for not trusting him. He was cool about it. We then left there and drove to our next campsite south lychett manor just outside Poole which is where we always start our winter trip and end it. Time to catch up with family and friends. And here we are today, Sunday with one more sleep and then on the ferry tomorrow morning and sail at 8.30 am to Cherbourg.