Happy new year to all.

Seems like it’s been ages since we caught up. It’s that time of year with Xmas and new year where for everyone the thing to do is run around the shops buying presents that no one really wants and buy enough shopping for three months because the shops are closed for two whole days. Then the big day arrives you put on your best Xmas jumper and wait for the relatives to arrive then open your present from them to reveal yet another pair of socks and put on that false smile as you say thank you,they are just what I wanted. Lucky for us Xmas is just another day. We sat outside and had a big breakfast. Bah humbug.

I have been out on my bike, and on only the second time out managed my target to get around the whole of the dam and back. It’s just over ten miles round trip with some real serious climbs. I must admit I did walk up one of those but only because I can’t get all my gears on my bike. Which has 24 gears and I can get 16 of them, and the eight I can’t get are the ones I need to keep peddling up the hills. I am still pleased I bought it though and we are going to get Nikki a E bike for next year. My E bike will have to wait a bit longer so I hope she waits for me on the hills.

A few days ago now we went out for a walk, our aim to go down the seafront have a drink, non alcoholic and walk back. We went a different way to normal and Nikki took a tumble. We were walking down hill on uneven ground and she stumbled, tried to grab hold of me and fell. Don’t panic, she is ok. A bit shook up she limped to the cafe and we had our drink. Then when we started to walk back she realised she was not going to make it as her foot had swelled up and was very painful. So we got a taxi back. Another five pounds out of her pocket money. It’s loads better now but still not 100%.

Our friends Stu and Nettie from Somerset arrived for two weeks. It’s always nice to see them. They have a car and were going to Carafour to get some shopping and would we like to go with them. We needed a couple of things so off we went. Carafour is a huge big supermarket that sells everything, a bit like Halfords, B & Q, and marks and spencer all rolled into one. As you may no I love shopping….. NOT. So as we roam around I doodle past the huge tv’s watching the surfing and extreme sports, I even got to look round the bike section for ten minutes before Nikki found the pillow section. We need new pillows she says and starts to show me various pillows, some hard some soft, some feather some not feather. These are the ones I want, memory foam, they are on offer look 70% off. My eyes are by now starting to glaze over and I am thinking I really need one of those pillows to put my head on and drift off. When I wake up I will be in a bar on the beach. In the trolly they go and off we go to pay. The lady on the till rings everything through and Nikki asks if the bill is right as it seems a bit high, the till lady says it’s ok, Nikki asks about the pillows. Till lady explains that you buy one and the next one is 70% off. Nikki turns to me and asks me what shall we do. In my mind I think if we don’t buy them I am going to have to go through all this again. That will be so painful. So I smile and say just buy them, it’s what you wanted. They took a couple of nights to get used to but they are nice so we will be keeping them. And hopefully they will last a long time.

A bit of excitement on site the other night where two German family’s were playing loud music late at night and then letting of fireworks. The night security were straight on to them and then some dutch peaple joined in. So you had germans, spainish and Dutch all shouting at each other, none of them understanding each other. The end result was the Germans were kicked off site the next day. There has been a bad bug going round and putting peaple in bed for a few days, hope they got nice pillows. And one of the ladies even got taken to hospital and had to stay in overnight after she collapsed in the shower on site. She is back now and on the mend. It all happens here you know.

Now I know you all want to know about the weather. Well we are now into our 54th day without any rain. There has only been one day when it just spotted with rain on and off for a couple of minutes, not even enough to keep the dust down. Yesterday we had lunch by the pool with our friends as they are leaving today. It was about 26 degrees so we sat under the umberellas so the beer stayed cool a bit longer. I know back in the Uk you are having some really nasty weather. Hope you are all safe.