Whenever we are on a campsite we always end up giving peaple names, only because we don’t know there real names. So at the moment, one side of us we have a retired Dutch couple. She is called the Ya Ya lady because everyone she talks to all you seem to hear is Ya Ya. Her husband does not say a lot. She is normally talking to the guy the other side of us, a Belgium guy called the walrus, because he has this big walrus’s type moustache and just looks like one. Another Dutch couple walk past us to go to the shower block. She is very stern looking and never smiles she is scary lady, he always wears his clogs so is called Mr cliperty clop. Then we have Hat man, he was here last year and is still wearing the same cloths and no matter what the weather he always has his hat on, a black leather beret style, must be so hot but I don’t think we have ever seen him with his hat off. Tilty man is over the other side of the campsite, named because last year his pitch was sinking but he refused to move so his van was all lop sided. Maybe he is related to the leaning pole down the road. I will let you know if more peaple with funny names arrive. Just don’t park next to us, you never know what we might call you.

It was time for a hair cut again. While coming back from the beach one day we saw a barbers with an English name and all the signage was in english. Makes it easier if they can understand you. So a couple of days later we were passing that way and it was open. No time like the present I thought and went on in. Only one girl in there and another guy. Yep you guessed it. Spanish speaking. So the trying to explain and lots of hand gestures to the young lady and I think her boyfriend, with Nikki joining in and me she stood there nodding. To be honest she could have been saying she was going to cut my head off and I would have said yes. She was very nice and gave me a very nice hair cut.

Weather wise, we have had some frosty mornings, well I think it was three,but by nine o’clock the sun has come out and it has been hot. We are due for some rain tomorrow. Not happy about that as that will be the second day of rain in the 24 days we have been in Spain. Still we can’t complain when we hear what you guys in the Uk are getting. I am still trying to get a fishing licence sorted but seems very difficult after doing some research on line, you have to have two passport photos, an address in Spain etc. I have one more place to try down by the marina so will wander off there soon. Nikki is happy as Cava has been reduced in the supermarket, now down to £1.32 a bottle. Think we’re going to need a bigger camper. Which leads me onto a very nice camper that arrived two days ago. A Concorde liner plus. German built with hundreds of options and a garage in the back for your small car. When something unusual arrives on site it’s like a magnet, everyone wants to see it. We were lucky it was not far from us. It parked up on the pitch, only just fitting lengthways the back end went down, the garage door opened and out came a original fiat 500. By this time there must have been about twenty peaple all looking on. The garage door closed, the camper levelled itself and the owners went in for a cup of tea. Never even signed autographs.

We went for a loverly coast walk, passing the marina and heading on along the footpath past some loverly houses and some not so loverly. Or they would have been when they were built a few years ago, now they are just abandoned with a loverly piece of land, just waiting for someone to buy and completely rebuild. Nikki sat in the sun while I went a bit further along on the rocks. Camera in hand I was trying to get a shot and had to be low down and as I crept further forward on the rock towards the sea, I started sliding towards the sea, it was like ice. All I could think was I am going in. I was not at all worried about going in the sea but was worried about my camera, holding it as high as possible and a quick decision to launch myself at a rock nearby worked. It all happened so quick but seems like it was in slow motion, if you know what I mean. I never went in but was close and the camera was ok. This is not the shot I wanted but a safe one.