Good morning, that’s what the title says in Spanish, just in case you thought I had gone mad. Really I am just showing off that I have remembered some Spanish from our Spanish lessons. I know a couple of other words also, but must admit Nikki is far better than me. I suppose that’s the difference in going to school and not going a lot when we were young. We have now had two Spanish lessons and I must admit I am struggling with it. They say things in such a different way to what we do. I know that’s stating the obvious but it’s true. The teacher Yvonne asked me what year was I born. I know I was born in 1960 but to say 1960 in Spanish you say it as it is in numbers, so it’s one thousand nine hundred and sixty. Mil novecientos sesenta. Can you see why I am confused. Mrs clever clogs Nikki gets an easy question. Like what pitch are you on. 90 = noventa. Still we are having a laugh. It’s a good job we don’t go to the Bingo, but i think that’s all in English.

Our friends Bill and June took there van to the garage after the Mechanic came out and said it was the injectors and would need it for a couple of days. They had to find somewhere to stay while it was in the garage and found a loverly little apartment down in the old part of Villajoyosa overlooking the sea. We let them get settled in and then went down to see them. The view was fantastic, shame it was a overcast day. The photo is taken from their balcony looking out and to the side.

Looking up the street from the balcony.

They had this for two nights and everything was in it they needed. After admiring the veiw we decided to go for a stroll along the front and have a drink with them. We sat outside at one of the bar/ restaurants watching the fishing boats coming back with a huge cloud of seagulls around them. Peaple strolling past. And ordering our drinks in Spanish. When we are back in the UK we don’t go out a lot because of the expense, preferring to save our money for when we are away. You will understand when you work this out. Just add up the price of what we got where you are now in the Uk and then look at what we payed. So between us we had. 9 x glasses of wine, not small ones, 2 x small beers, half pints, 3 x large beers, 1 x big Brandy properly 3 measures, 1 x coffee, 2 x large plates of chips to soak up all that drink. And whenever you get a drink in Spain you always get tapas, so we also had dishes of olives, nuts, crisps. The total bill for that was. £33. Now you can see why we don’t go out much in the Uk. And that is with a poor exchange rate at the moment. Another example is when we go shopping. Last year Nikki bought a bottle of wine at 99 cents just to try. It was really nice so she gets some every time we go shopping now. At the super market the other day. Four bottles of red wine and two bottles of carva. £7 and two pence. So that’s enough of telling you about prices as you probably hate us now or your landlord next time you go down your local.

We left the bar about 7.30pm peaple we’re starting to come out then. Walking up through the town it was like the middle of the day, well not spanish middle of the day because they all close up and go and have a kip. The town was buzzing, all the shops barbers etc all open and every doing there shopping. The Black Friday sales were still on so everyone was looking for a bargain.

Now I am going to make you happy, why because we had some rain, the first rain we have had for over two weeks. Not a lot of it just enough to dampen the ground. Today it’s blowing a hoolie buts it’s going to be sunny later. Then we are in for a cold snap for a couple of days then back to normal. We went for a walk yesterday around the back streets and old houses not far from the campsite. It’s amazing how the Spanish live and we saw some loverly old houses that needed some TLC. This was one of my favourites.

Bill and June got there motorhome back and came to say goodbye, they are off to another site an hour further south. We may go down there to see them, just to get off site for a couple of days and to give the camper a run. We have lots of other things planned also. We will see how the money goes. Can’t believe we are into December already.