So it’s Xmas day. We hope you all have had a good one. To us it’s just another day, more so for me. Yesterday Xmas eve we went down the beach in the sun and had a paddle. The Spanish have a celebration on Xmas eve but there main Xmas is on January 6th. So looks like we might have to help them celebrate again then. When in Rome. 

Today being Xmas day, and it’s not like it at all over here in Spain. This is how are day has gone. Breakfast was at about 10.30. Egg, sausage, bacon, followed by a sit in the sun to digest. Then a walk to the beach and a stroll along the walkway, where I got thirsty, so we had to go to one of the bars that were open. We had a good choice. Sat in the sun looking out to sea having a cool beer, or two( balanced diet) and tapas, watching the world go by. A stroll back to the campsite to sit in the sun and have a couple more beers. Happy Xmas. We hope  your Xmas day was good and you never ate too much and drank too much and the weather was not too bad. The pics below are from Xmas eve.