When we booked this campsite back in July we knew that we were close to Benidorm.we are less than ten miles away. Benidorm is like Marmite you like it or you don’t. I have never had the urge to go there, not even in my youth when that sort of place would appeal to so many, lots of drinking and ladies, and cheap holidays. Nikki also felt the same apart from the ladies. A lot of friends go there for the whole winter and love it. 

So after some more research and chats with friends I thought let’s give it a go, let’s be brave as were so close. We had already decided we wanted to see the old town of Benidorm. So we left the campsite yesterday morning for a ten minute walk to the tram station to catch the ten passed ten tram to Benidorm. The tram being not in England was on time and twenty minutes later we terminated at old town Benidorm. If you want to go further up the coast you change trains here, something we will do another day. 

We have friends over here in Spain who have been coming for the last ten years and stop in Benidorm so we had arranged to meet them for lunch about one o’clock. We walked of down the hill singing er we go, er we go, er we go. No we didn’t really but the tune kept popping into my head because of where we were. Passing shops selling souvenir fridge magnets, hats, T shirts saying I love Benidorm etc.  Just before the beach we turned down a side street and were in amongst more shops, but the older part of Benidorm. Lots of peaple about and a lot of English accents. A lot of peaple would be out here now for there Xmas break. We strolled down and around the lanes finding all sorts of shops and bars. Old town is known for its gay community, so we stumbled upon gay bars and even a gay sex shop down one of the passageways. ( no pun intended ) we walked quicker passed these. 

We got down to the beach and breathed a sigh of relief. And started to walk along the prom, all the time dodging the crowds of over eighties, the mobility scooters, even tandem ones, sure half the peaple on them don’t need them they are just lazy. I felt like I was wrongly dressed, I should have had a football shirt on and a baseball cap on the wrong way round. Perhaps I need to change my wardrobe. We decided we needed a drink so found a bar so we could just sip a drink and watch the world go by while waiting for our friends and gaze out to sea. Some great sights we did see. Behind us were the towering sky scraper blocks of flats, in front the openness of the sea and the sun shining. 

Our friends arrived and we strolled of  to find some where to eat. So what do you think of Benidorm they asked.Its ok, we like the old town but to be honest if we were not meeting you we would have been back on the tram now. After lunch they showed us around some bits we had missed which were nice, especially the high up bit where the veiw was fantastic and nice to see it from that angle. So would we come into Benidorm again. Yes but we would not rush here and we would just do the bits like the really old town, have lunch a beer then back on the tram for a day out.