We have settled in to this site really well, almost feel like locals. There’s a mix of peaple from all over Europe. We know are way around and have different ways to get to the beach, shops etc. Went to a local market the other day selling the usual market tut, big knickers and socks but good for a look round. Quite fun seeing if you can get round the market and out without getting your legs bruised by the shopping trolleys, not the ones you get in super markets but the little Pull along ones that everyone over 70 years old has and then they all get together and go to the market. They are proberly playing a similar game and seeing how many peaple they can bruise. 

We knew we were in for some bad weather from Friday and through the weekend. Friday evening it started to rain, no problem, it’s night time. Saturday it rained in the morning and then cleared up a bit in the afternoon. Sunday it rained and it rained some more. I don’t like being cooped up indoors so for me it’s like being in prison, well I imagine it’s the same. I don’t know and hope I never will. You could put a coat on and go out I hear you all cry. Yes I could but don’t forget I have had the worst cold in Spain. It would have been national news and on all the tv channels if it wasn’t for the storms which were the worst in years. Lucky for me really, don’t think I could handle all that publicity and camera men following me every where to get my story. That was my excuse for not going out, I didn’t want to make my cold worse by getting cold and soaking wet. Sunday evening the thunder and lightning started about 1am and it went on and on all night and into the morning. It seemed just to roll around the mountains as if it was stuck,  very impressive.The site handled the vast amounts of rain well. Unlike some of the sites in Benidorm less than ten miles away but there are lots of hills around and the water just runs off them and all heads for the sea through Benidorm. One poor man was swept out to sea and died. He was 77 years old and trying to move his car but just got swept away. Very sad. 

Monday morning and the rain was still with us, but according to the forcast this was going to be the last day. You don’t know how relieved I was when I heard the rain easing on the roof of the camper. There’s only so many games of scrabble you can play. I was that relieved that when Nikki said shall we go down the supermarket to get a few bits I was out the door boots on, saying come on then let’s go. I don’t like going shopping but she was right we needed to get out and more important we needed food, while stuck in the camper for three days we ate everything in between games of scrabble.it was something to do. 

Yesterday the sun returned, the blue sky’s were above and happy smiley peaple were everywhere again. Our friends Bill and June from the other site we left came over to see us so we all went down the seafront for lunch. A really nice day sat outside the restaurant/ bar with a cool beer, good company, blue sky’s and sunshine, and not a scrabble board in sight. The forcast is for the sun to be around for the week so that’s good. 

Now I bet you were all laughing at us getting some rain and me not mentioning that little three letter word I like to mention, so sorry to disappoint you at the end of this thread and mention it. No I am not sorry SUN, SUN, SUN