The campsite was busy the weekend being a bank holiday on the Thursday. A lot of Spanish decided to make it a long weekend. They like to all camp together and get all there tables and chairs out and have a real sociable dinner, they ere very noisy also. By Sunday evening they had all packed up and gone home leaving the site very peaceful. Apart from the cockerel next door who can’t tell the time and can’t tell the difference between day and night. The Spanish dogs who seem to be afraid of the dark because as soon as it gets dark they start to bark to each other. And then there’s the donkey or mule who likes to have his say. Apart from that it’s peaceful. That is apart from me sneezing and coughing, yes I have a cold and it’s the worst one in Spain. My throat feels like I swallowed my beer glass instead of the beer, my bones ache, my head hurts, my nose is running but I will be ok don’t worry about me…no honest I will be fine. 

Two days ago we went for a stroll down towards the sea front and then we have to make a decision to turn left or right. That day we turned left and headed for the marina to Marvell at the boats. The walkway takes you all along the sea front passing various restaurants and cafes. There were a lot of peaple out and about and a lot going to a very posh restaurant by the marina. Not the sort of place we go to. It’s one of those places you have to dress up and have a bank balance, so we just looked at the menu outside. Passed the marina is a couple of really nice bays  were we sat staring out to sea, looking at the sun reflecting of the sea. Sorry mentioned that sun word again. 

Yesterday another stroll and this time turned right. I have mentioned the painted houses before and I wanted to get a shot of them with blue sky and palm trees. Yesterday the conditions were right so we made our way through the streets a different way, passing some great little alleyways where the houses are so close you could reach over to the balcony opposite. Very nice. Right down to the beach with my camera doing overtime. I do like my photography, I just wish I was really good at it, but every no and then I get a picture I really am pleased with. The one below with the houses, blue sky, and palm trees is the one. Very happy with the way it came out. 

After the photo session we walked along the sea front to a little cafe and had a drink watching the world go by. It’s strange seeing all the Spanish going about their day dressed up for winter, empty beaches, where as if that was a day in the U.K. The beach would be packed. Below are some more pics to sum up the atmosphere. Thats us up to date, today is just a chill out day because I feel so week because of my cold, did I mention I had a cold. I will be OK though.