Xmas is over, new year is looming fast. Which means our trip is flying by. That bit I don’t like. I mentioned the loverly lady who does the cleaning here, Isie, she try’s to teach us Spanish, Nikki is better than me at learning it. Nikki says if anyone can murder a language it’s me, that includes English. Anyway Isie has invited us to her house for New Year’s Eve with her family, dinner and drinks and to see the new year in. She lives in a typical old Spanish house with her husband and two girls. We are really excited about going. Normally we don’t do anything New Year’s Eve so it will make a nice change to do something completely different and we are getting picked up and dropped off. 

Today we went to the Valor chocolate factory. I have been licking my lips since booking this site back in the summer knowing we will be so close to spains famous chocolate factory. It’s a free tour round the museum and the factory, then into the shop for free tasting and to buy if you want. The tour was in English when we went and the museum was interesting with the old machinery and photos of the old lorries and factory etc. As you enter the factory the smell of chocolate hits you and I am sure I started to dribble. One thing for sure it done my cold the world of good inhaling all them chocolate fumes. Everything is behind glass for heatlth and safety reasons, just in case you wanted to dive into a vat of chocolate, not that entered my mind of course. Tour over and into the shop where there is a big table layed out with all the different types of chocolate they produce. I tried not to knock over too many peaple to get to the table and yes I was last to leave the table, while Nikki was busy gathering supplies. Yum Yum. The whole building itself is mirrored glass and the big mountain which dominates the area can be seen in it. When we left I said to Nikki we could go there everyday just to get the samples. Now I would put money on your wishing you had some chocolate nearby right now. Who does not like chocolate.