Here at Parcverger campsite the sun is shining, there is a breeze but it’s not cold. Good nights sleep last night. We decoded today we will walk down to the local village, not much there but gets us out in the fresh air. Nikki done all the washing and put it out on the line to dry. 

So of we go for our walk. Everywhere you go in France there are some beautiful old buildings. As I like to take photos my camera is never too far away so I see an old building, church etc out comes the camera and snap away. In the village I spot a old house I like the look of with shutters etc and snap a shot, then the church. A old women appears from a window and starts shouting, no one else about apart from us. I joke with Nikki she is shouting at us or just mad as we walk on. We get round the corner and there’s a car parked there, and yes you got it sat in the car is the old lady who was shouting at us. We walk on by down the road and the car follows us drives past. We laugh to ourselves and I say to Nikki we are being stalked. The road we were on went nowhere really so we doubled back and past the stalker and up a side street round the back of the church. And guess what should come up the side street behind us, that little blue car with the stalker driving again. Onward we walk and once again she drives past us. We are laughing so much now as we head back to the campsite joking we are getting hounded out of town by a ninety year old granny. Don’t worry about the hoodies in this town just watch out for a little blue car with a mad woman driving. 

The blue car can be seen in the pic above, watch out for it.