We left the loverly aire by the river on Tuesday and headed towards Brest( still makes me laugh) where you going mate. Brest, got a good feeling for it. LOL. To be honest the campsite was just outside Brest. A typical open in the winter campsite, everything closed up but still open if you know what I mean. Greeted by a loverly French lady and shown to our pitch, no one else on that part of the site so a whole shower block to ourselves. We needed a good shower and to recharge, it’s hard work all this travelling you know. Chilled out the next day (Wednesday ) as it was raining. In fact it’s rained a lot since we been away this time, and I ain’t happy about that, but I don’t know who to complain to. 

Moving on a day we head along the southern coast of Brittany. We really need to come back to Brittany in may / June or September and spend a good three months going round the coast, because we have not seen it as we we really wanted to, but that’s another trip. Spent the night in a aire all on our own but in amongst the trees and really peaceful. 

When we left the aire to go to another campsite the route planned meant that we would go over a great bridge that we went over last year. The photo is not that good as Nikki took it with her phone quickly but gives you idea how nice it was. 

Got to the campsite and the pitch they offered us was sloping and on grass. DOH. Five ton and thirty feet of motorhome on sloping wet grass….I don’t think so madam, goodbye. It’s now getting late so find a aire quickly, twenty minutes down the road into La Roche sur yon which is a city, bloody cars and buses everywhere. Parked up in the aire. My thoughts, it’s Friday night, drunk yobs about a aire full of motorhomes. Luckily the night passed without incident. Up bright and early and head out on the highway to our next campsite. Park verger, at Champagnac la rivière  Owned by a English couple, small site, loverly sunny day. Looking out across fields, have allready seen, green woodpeckers, jays, a fox. Good showers etc, small bar/ restaurant down the road, may have to check it out tomorrow. Happy days. Going to chill here for a couple of days.