We stayed two nights on our first aire in Normandy, why I don’t really know but it was forcast to rain much of the next day and we could not decide where to go next. Before we left the UK I wanted to go around Brittany, before heading south, but being so close to England it is often the same weather as UK. We want sunshine. So the day was spent looking at a map, and then another map, and even a third map. Don’t know how that affects the weather but it passes the day, especially the folding up of the map. One nearly went in the bin until Nikki came to the rescue and folded it. We did manage to get out for a nice walk along the seafront in between showers and Marvell at the loverly houses along the front. Who lives in a house like that we thought. Rich French, that’s who. 

Sunday morning the sun was out so it was time to move on and the decision was made to do Brittany. We needed fuel, I never like to lt it get to less than half a tank, that’s my rules as you never know when your likely to be able to get fuel. Same with filling our water tank, allways get water when you can. 

This aire we were staying on had a water point so I pulled round to that and proceeded to plug the conector in and got soaked. Yes it had good pressure. Luckily the sun was out so I could dry out on the journey. Sorry I mentioned that sun word gain. Never mind you will get used to it. We head out on the highway looking for fuel on the way. First one we see in a closed supermarket car park and very tight for us but we pull up to the pump and it’s card only payment. First card…declined, second card…..declined, third card,….declined, no fuel here then. Back out on the road. Fuel leval dropping , another garage, closed. By now I really want fuel but no I can get to the next aire. Aha a garage, great a another card machine. Nikki has a brain wave, she’s not blonde all the time. She try’s here card and YES it works, we have fuel. 

The aire we were aiming for then throws up a problem, as in the roads closed and the diversion is down a narrow little road, ok if your in a car but we are in a 30 ft motorhome. We mange to pull over and re think. Off to another aire about half hour away, but not before we go down some cobbled streets and have three shunts to get round a mini roundabout. We eventually get out the small town and on the open road. 

We get to our aire in a town called Treguier. The aire is right next to a tidal river, the sun is out so we decide on a walk into the town. Only a small town but some of the buildings date back to Tudor period and are so nice and all dominated by a huge big church in the main square, all very nice looking. 

The aire from the river bridge.

The beautiful buildings.

Today we had a walk around the town again and decided to stay another night as it’s so nice. We head out on the highway tomorrow to a place called Brest, just because it makes me laugh.