This was one of our to do things on this trip. A visit to Oradour Sur Glane. We are on a campsite less than an hour away so went out for the day. 

The site is a memorial to the massacre of a French village on the 10th June 1944. A massacre and war crime during world war 2. On the 10th June 1944 at about 2pm men from Der Fuhrer regiment of the 2nd waffen SS panzer division ads reich drove into Oradour sur Glane and killed everyone they could find. A total of 642 men/women and children. The village was then looted and every building set on fire.

The village was left as a memorial and another village was built. To find out more about it go to the website but be prepared to shed a tear. We were going to go there last year but didn’t make it. I have read a lot about it and a lot of comments on forums from people that have been and they range from getting there and not being able to go in, to people saying everyone should go just to pay their respects. When you enter the village there is a spooky feeling about the place, all very quiet but all the time you’re thinking of what went on all those years ago. I think the day being overcast added to the atmosphere, and the fact no one else was around. Would not have been the same in summer with hundreds of tourists around. We are glad we went and would say to people. Go and give yourself plenty of time. Will let the pictures say the rest.