We left Soustons yesterday. We we really liked it there, being parked up in amongst the pine trees with the beach just a short walk away, but would not want to be there in the summer because it would get really busy.  

And so our drive North continues. There are not many campsites open in France this time of year but we managed to find one just south of Poitiers. There are plenty of Aires but most of them do not have electric so we would have to use are gas for heating and the fridge. Not sure how much gas we have left so opted for one last campsite. Didn’t have a lot of choice really as it was the only one open on our route.Its just outside a town called Ruffec. A rural campsite next to a river.Theres a really nice looking restaurant next to the river also, shame we can’t afford to eat in there. I should think in the summer it would be beautiful sat outside with a cold beer and a burger watching the kayakers playing on the weir. 

The temputure has dropped today (Thursday) I even had to put a jumper on to go for a walk to get some pictures and fresh air. Proberly doing us good, getting us ready for when we land back in the UK. Have you noticed I have not mentioned the sun word in this post so I don’t upset you all out there. That’s because it has not come out yet today. And it rained all night.Tomorrow we head out on the highway again heading further North to a aire by a city called Angers.womder what sort of peaple live there. We will spend one night there and then we have two more stops before getting the ferry.(starts to cry). Only four more sleeps in Euope.