The last three nights in France were spent on three different Aires, and no one else turned up which was nice. One rural, one in a small village and one next to a lake. All very different but all nice in there own way. England really should have Aires.  

We left the last Aire , or went to leave on Monday morning. The camper was reluctant to go, it started but not as normal, was it a sign, should we be staying. I voted yes. The problem I think is the battery because normally we are on hook up with the electric so the battery is always topped up. The last night and most of the day we weren’t. Anyway it started so we went off to the super market to get the last few bits. Wasted some time hanging around in the supermarket carpark eating our lunch etc, not wanting to leave for the port, which was only forty minutes away. 

Get to the port and only one other camper in front of us. We were three hours early. Had a chat with the owners who had been away for two months, swapped story’s etc. Really interesting couple. A Romanian guy walked up to the camper and asked us to take his dog on board as you can’t board as a foot passenger with a dog. Yea right mate do I look like I was born yesterday. No is the answer and that is my final decision goodbye. Dogs have to be chipped and have passports and be checked by vets before leaving Europe and their passports stamped. We saw the guy on board the ferry so I expect someone had been conned into doing it. 

So as the ferry left the port I went up on deck to wave goodbye to France and even our camper was looking back at France. I wonder if he was also thinking the same as me. See you again France. Ours is the one in the middle of the picture, think the roof is quiet clean.  

So that’s it the winter trip is over and we have had a great time. I have really enjoyed doing the blog and I hope you have enjoyed reading it and following our trip. Some facts about our trip. We have travelled 3430 miles, spent £525 on diesel  stayed on 16 campsites, two in France, eleven in Spain and two in Portugal and stopped on 10 Aires in France. I have taken 534 photos, don’t worry I won’t make you look at them. Will we go again, you bet, peaple that know us will know we do like to travel. To those that don’t travel, get out there, it’s a big open world and your only here once and there’s so much to see. Thanks again and here’s to the next trip and blog. Cheers.