We left Valencia on Friday to start our journey north homeward. Heading for Zaragoza in the middle of Spain on the A23. Our freind Steve (stent) was there already as he was on his way home. We eventually found the campsite after going round and round to try and find the right turn off, and through the middle of some roundabouts. Parked up and the sun was out. I do apologise for keep using that word sun, but I do like it and as we are heading north now we need as much of it as possible. The night was cold though and we woke to a frost, only -1 but still a frost. There does that make you feel better, see we are suffering also. By 9am frost gone and yes you guessed it that loverly orange ball in the sky was back out and very warm, I did have to put a T shirt on. This site was only a stopover, thankfully as it was not too good.

Out with the maps to plan our route from here to Soustons, a really nice aire we stopped at on the way down. I had looked at the map loads of times and had a route I wanted to go, well two actually. I wanted to go through the Somport tunnel, into France, but apparently there were snow ploughs either side so not a good idea. The othe route was from Zaragoza to Pamplona then onto the 121 and cross the border near Irun which is where we came in. Now the sat nav was not having any of it for some reason. I think it also does not want to go back to the uk. I wanted to avoid the tolls if possible. They don’t cost a lot but the other routes are a bit more scenic. 

So off we go, its sat nav on and map on the navigators lap. We head out on the non toll roads but after a hour end up on the toll one, no major drama as it’s quicker and it’s going to be a long day anyway. We head towards to Pamplona and sat nav takes us off to the left, not to the route I wanted but a different way. Lots of *###**#*#*# words and threat of throwing the sat nav out the window. Once the red mist had settled and my map reader has looked at said no problem it’s just a bit of a loop. Spoke to soon, the next minute we are on the toll A8 no problem there but we are heading the wrong way, the sea is on my right and should be on my left. O be honest it was a really nice route with snow capped mountains to look at and we even had snow on the roadside as we were very high at this point. About 10k later we come off say hello to the lady in the toll booth, go round a roundabout and come to the other ide of the toll booth and say hello to her again. We are now on the right road and sat nav has picked up and we are on track. Yipppeeee.

We get to Soustons at about 2pm after leaving Zaragoza at 9am. Luckily it’s another sunny day. The area is really busy because it’s the weekend and we get the last spot with electric. Chairs out, lunch and chill. We can hear the sea and see the lake from the lounge window, so life’s good. Here for a couple of nights then moving on further north. Proberly back to twin lakes for a couple of nights, then from there a different route. We only have a week left now as next Monday we catch the ferry back. Please make sure it’s sunny. Au revoir.