We left camping Ole on Tuesday after spending a week there. We thought we better leave because if the trees grew much more we would never get off the pitch. Decided to take the smaller road the 332 instead of the motorway as we had plenty of time and it would be more scenic passing through some small towns. We saw some ladies on there chairs, you know the ones. Although one did look well passed her use by date. Further along we saw a guy stood on the edge of the orange fields in just his pants and shirt, a empty chair not far away. I don’t think he was working for Del Monte.

Our next destination was a campsite called Valencia camper park. We chose it because we wanted to go into Valencia but not be in it if that makes sense. We knew we could get the Metro from near the site. Really nice small site, leval and clean with a small restaurant and bar. We parked up, plugged in and chilled in the sun, grabbing every bit of sun because we know when we leave here we start heading north and it will be getting colder. 

Yesterday( Wednesday ) we got our metro tickets from the campsite reception and headed off for the metro station about 300 metres down the road.only a small station and a real dodgy looking area, all graffiti on the walls and broken glass on top the walls to stop peaple getting over them. And then we spotted some peaple waiting on the platform, about five or six. Now if you have ever seen the film the zombies, I know where it was filmed. Nikki grabs my hand at this moment. They stare at us, one is playing loud music on his cassette tape machine the others just staring. I look up the track to see if I can see the train. The one playing the loud music shouts to us Seven minutes. Is that for the train or how long we have to live. Now because it’s only a small station the train will not stop if no one is there so you have to wave it down like a bus. I for got to mention you have to pass your ticket over a scanner on the platform which we never new until one of the Zombies pointed it out, with her tongue hanging out her mouth. All of a sudden she shouts Metro and they all start waving at the train, we are the only ones not waving, does that mean we can’t get on the train. We get aboard and sit down, Nikki very close still gripping my hand and as the train heads for Valencia and stops at more stations and normal peaple get on she slowly releases the grip and the blood starts to flow back into my hand. The train takes about 25 minutes to reach the bright lights big city of Valencia.

Wow what a contrast to where we have been, I don’t really do city’s or big towns but it’s nice to go in knowing you are coming out again.The old part is what we are looking for so head that way. Amongst all the big high buildings are the old ones, churches, cathedrals etc and a lot of old Art Deco buildings. Small little streets go off in every direction. One of the buildings now houses the food market. Not your knickers and slippers in this one. It’s huge and full of every kind of food and so well presented. At one of the fish stalls the guy is getting eels out a tank and cutting it into sections while it is still alive. Can’t say it’s not fresh. Octopus, sea urchins, squid, you name it they have it. The meat stalls have so much choice and the fruit and veg is so colourful. We wandered round in there for a while, with our tongues hanging out, bit like the zombies. 

Out of the market and in search of other old buildings. Not long before we find another and another. Like all big city’s there are lots of tour guides going round and beggars on every corner. A great mix of peaple and there were plenty of police about. Some one told us later a gang had shot someone not far away so they could have been on alert in the city for them. We actually wandered round for almost ten kilometres from end to end side to side. We saw some great buildings, the  main line station, a bull ring, etc.  

Knackered and hungry we head back to the metro for the trip home. We have to press the button on the train to stop at our station, being only a small one. We get off at the right station, no Zombies about so stroll back to site. We had decided to eat in the restaurant and had ordered a paella for six o’clock, as someone had said they were really good, and Nikki said all through Spain she wanted one. They are cooked the traditional way over a wood fire. You can have meat, fish or vegetarian. We chose to have the fish. Strolled up the bar about five o’clock  for couple of beers and wine. You can watch your food being cooked on the fires and the smell of the wood etc is fantastic. Three beers, three very large glasses of wine, bread with olive oil and garlic butter, and the best paella we have ever had. The bill for all of the about £26. Off to bed. Adios for now. Sweet dreams and watch out for the zombies, there out there.