Hi everyone, we left our luxurious site camping Marjal yesterday, because we wanted to move on. My feet were itching and it was nothing to do with the soap I was using. Yes I do wash now and then. Our friends Bill and June were fantastic neighbours while we were  there. Before we left we went down the bar for a couple of beers like you do, sat out side in the sun then the sun went in so we went inside also, yes I know that couple of beers turned into one or three. While we were inside some food came out for someone sat opposite, that was it I was dribbling so we ordered food also. Nikki was happy because she didn’t have to cook. The weekend the six nations started, that’s rugby to those who don’t know, a game played with a odd shaped ball and so much better than football. Rugby men are men and football they are actors. That is my opinion of course. It was so strange sat in our camper watching it all them miles from home but still being at home if that makes sence. Good ol England did well. 

We had done some research on a couple of sites and emailed them to see if we would fit and all came back positive so off we went, heading out on the highway. So sure that would make a good song title. LOL. We chose to take the AP7 which is a motorway toll, on it for a good hour and half cost us about a fiver. The scenery was fantastic, up through the mountains with the sea to our left. Awesome.  We past Benidorm from a distance, the best way I think. If I was twenty then it would be OK, but to be honest if I was twenty and in Benidorm I would proberly only see it from a barred window. 

We came off the AP7 for the last twenty minutes or so and passed through a town or two on a A road looking at the sites. Now the sites include the ladies of the night, or in Spain the ladies of the day and night. Yes you got it prostitutes on the roadside and sat on red plastic chairs. I will never be able to keep a straight face next time I see someone sat on a red plastic garden chair. Please don’t tell me you have one. LOL

We get to the first campsite. Rubbish that’s what we thought about it, no pitches big enough for us and it was a tip. Now I am getting hungry, and we all no what that means. There’s a other site ten minutes away so we head for that one. Success we find a pitch we can fit on. Just and I mean just. I think this site was built when campers were the size of matchboxes. But at least we are here. The site is called Ole, it’s near Oliva. The beach is at the end of the site which we like and it’s a big beach. We will proberly be here for a week before we start heading North for our trek home. Hope you have all survived the storms in the UK.