We are still at camping Marjal, because we are still worth it. We have been lucky in the fact that our neighbours have taken us out 2/3 times in the car. I needed a hair cut, Nikki has allready done it once with the clippers, and it gets to the stage I really need it cut and if I do it with the clippers it is back to the bone and I look like a peanut head so Nikki says. I allways reply with it will grow. There is a hairdressers on site so I thought, let’s go and see if they understand English and can do me a haircut. Hello my name is Mike and I need a haircut do you speak English. A little he says. Ok this could be a interesting haircut. I explain what I want and he shows me the chair, better than showing me the door. Nikki sits down and watches the show. He doesn’t say a word just cuts my hair, trims my ear hair after evicting the sparrows that were nesting in there and even trimmed my eyebrows. A very good cut was done. 

So it’s out in the car with our neighbours, Bill and June to Torrevieja. It’s a big town by the sea. All  High rise and bars and restaurants. A great place to go and stroll along the prom, seeing all the different folks and hear all the languages. We found a really nice restaurant right by the sea with nice comfy sofas and settled down for a beer or two. Watching the world go by on one side and the sea on the other. And as the sun went down it was time to go back to site. 


There is a natural park near us called El Fondo so we decided to get off site for a walk and head out there to have a look around. To be honest there was not a lot to look at, I think all the birds must have took flight when they see us coming. It is set out nice with walkways and am sure that in the summer when the birds return would be great. We had a good walk anyhow, about 10kms.