Our friend came out of hospital on the Tuesday with his new stent fitted and was looking very well. We had a catch up and stayed anther day to be with them. Had a small walk from the campsite on the edge of the national park. Really barren landscape, lots of rabbits running around and wild dogs are seen as the spanish have no regard for dogs really. They are just there to protect their property or land and if no good they get dumped and roam free in packs. The polly plastic fields all around the campsite are used to grow, tomatoes, peppers,beans etc and they get about four crops a year from them. Some areas are miles and miles of them supplying the likes of tesco and Sainsburys I expect.  

We headed out on the highway on Thursday to the site where we are at now. Marjal Campsite Costa Blanca. A very posh site. Booked in and found our pitch with electric, water,drainage and a TV hook up point and lots of sunshine with the mountains as a backdrop. We had a walk around the campsite to inspect the facilities. WOW who needs a hotel. Even the dogs are catered for here, not the ones that roam around in packs or strays. Your pet pooch has its own shower/ bath room. The dog walks up the ramp into the bath, gets showered then walks to the mirror and hair dryer and walks down the ramp. 

I was getting pretty excited walking around because of the amount of RVs and big motorhomes here especially a Man truck   converted by Ketterer. I need a lotto win for that one. Another one I very much liked is the 45 ft RV. Even spoke to the owner and got a look inside that one.  

The people next to us are from the uk also and are here for a a month or two so they have a car. Yesterday they invited us to go with them to a market about ten miles away. Another market in another town. We strolled round and had a coffee bought a couple of bits and then went down the beach for a stroll, got us off site for the morning which was nice. Sat outside late afternoon and a huge black cloud of starlings flew over off to their roosting ground. When I say huge there was thousands of them stretching about a mile into the distance, a fantastic sight. Not sure how long we are staying here as the next site we had earmarked is a small one and often gets booked up so we may not get on that one. And time is running out for us, we only have a month left as we have booked our ferry home on the 29th February. Not looking forward to that bit. So that’s us for now, living it up in luxury because we’re worth it.