After surviving the earthquake, we packed up and said our goodbyes to our new freinds and neighbors and headed for the Capa de gata national park. But first we needed shopping as we were low on everything . Down to my last two pints of Guinness and Nikki down to her last bottle of wine. We new there was a large Carrefour a couple of junctions down the road. We had checked it out on google maps and the parking was going to be a bit hit and miss but there was another one a few more miles further on if we could not park. 30ft of camper is not very supermarket freindy.

Here it is the junction shouts Nikki as we go off and round a roundabout straight into a hospital carpark full of every nationality, man,woman, and child. And we all know what hospital car parks are like in a car at the busiest time of day when everyone wants to go visiting. You try it in a 30ft camper. It’s interesting especially the car owners faces. we turn around and try and find the right turning for the supermarket. 

So parked up in two spaces we go off into the shop. My Favourite pastime. NOT. About an hour later we emerge from the depths of the supermarket with enough shopping including beer and wine of course to last us two weeks.Back on the highway to the campsite.

Now this campsite Los Escullos , we were told about back in December and we really wanted to go there and spoil ourselves for a couple of days. It’s a five star site and a 15 minute stroll to the beach which has good snorkelling, and in a national park. Driving along a car starts to toot us at a junction so we pull over thinking we can’t go up the road were on. And it’s a freind of ours who we were with at the site in Portugal. Her husband is in Hospital ( not the one we drove round) he had chest pains so they called a ambulance and he was taken straight in and has had to have a stent fitted. They are staying on a campsite not far from the one we were going to. So we tell her where we are going and we will pop in and see them in a couple of days on the way back. 

We get to the campsite  and wander in to the reception and are greeted by a loverly young lady. I say hello in Spanish,German, Portugese,French and English. She answers in very good Engish. She shows us on the site plan where we can go and where we can’t because the workmen are moving on site in three days time to start a load of we go looking around the site. Disappointed,that’s what we were. Five star No, pitches to take us No and I did email them before we got there to tell them our size,expensive Yes. We walk back to reception and I tell her how disappointed we are. Sorry she says in her good English voice. By now it’s one o’clock and I am getting hungry, which is not good because if I get hungry or tired I get grumpy and start to growl. We decide to head back to where our friends our camped, only about six miles down the road. We book on for a couple of nights get parked up and within five minutes Nikki has produced a very large roll filled with meat and and salad. I love her.our freind is out of hospital today hopefully so we will stay to see him then off again.