Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. Sorry to tell you all but it’s a loverly day here again in Balerma. Someone said you had snow and cold frost etc. If you can arrange for it all to be gone by the time we return that would be nice. Or maybe we will just stay away until it has gone.

So yesterday we strolled along the beach in the sun (there’s  that word again) and I spotted this loverly ol house I would love to live in, yes it looks a bit tatty but a lik of paint and it would be sorted. A view to die for and a garage round the back for the hot rod. Now I just need to win the lotto.

See what I mean. As we were strolling Nikki was collecting shells and I was taking random pics of the waves. I love the sea. The noise it makes, the smell, the power etc. Every wave is different and makes sun nice photos. I think so anyway. So there’s a couple of photos for you.

Tomorrow is market day in Balerma so we will have a stroll down there. There’s a nice little prom to walk along and a little bar/ cafe so we may have to have a rest there on the way back. Maybe we should think about moving on along the coast a bit further, but it’s hard to find the time to plan a route or another site when we are so busy chilling. MANANA