Yes we are still here at Balerma, but we are moving on Monday. Only about a hour down the road. We strolled down the market the other day. Bit disappointed, about thirty stalls but twenty five of them selling the same stuff. Ok if you want big knickers or socks.After leaving the market we diverted to the other side of town to the supermarket to top up with essentials. The range of food is so different to at home and so much cheaper. We only got enough food for 2/3 days because we have to walk back with it about a mile, but we walk along the beach which is nice. We stop for a rest now and then and surprise surprise we manage to get back to the camper with some food. Nikki spotted a bottle of Carva for a change from the red wine and at £1.32 a bottle could not resist. Apparently it was very nice. So nice infact we walked back down to the super market the next day and got another bottle. I hate to think how many we would have bought at that price if we had driven down there. 

A couple on site told us about a castle down the road which has a display of old guns and weapons. It’s not far they said. They do have a car and are in there late 70’s so there idea of not far is a little different. So I checked it out on google maps and thought I am going to walk there. Nikki said it was to far with her back and hip giving her some grief. So of I went yesterday with my camera and water. Took me 3/4 of an hour to get there along the road. As I was nearing it I could not see the road up to it and could not remember where it was on Google maps. I could see the castle but no road so walked on around the next bend, but still no road so decided to do what the enemy would have done and climbed up the hill beside the castle. Luckily there was no one trying to shoot at me. So I get to the top, have a drink of water, catch my breath and walk round to the back of the castle. CLOSED the enemy had locked the gate and were not coming back until 4.30pm. So I wandered round the outside and took some photos and looked back to where I came from and started the hike back. Just over five miles return trip. It’s the weekend now so we plan to move just enough so no one thinks we have died. Next stop on Monday is camping Los Escullos which is in the Cabo de gata national park about a 15 minute walk from the beach. Very posh site so won’t be there too long.