We left El Pino on Monday morning, the weather forecast was for gale force winds and heavy rain, but we had been there a week so had made our minds up it was time to head out on the highway, that would be such a good title for a song. So we left the campsite, no rain but as soon as we got on the mountain roads it was bloody windy, and I mean windy, I had to fight the steering wheel. There where a lot of tunnels through the mountains but as soon as you came out of them whoosh the wind got you as we were high up. Nikki was very quiet. Maybe I should drive more mountain roads. LOL.

We arrived at Balerma, a small town. In fact it’s the most ancient town of campo de Dalias, founded by the fishermen at the beginning of the XVIth century. Bet you never new that. I never until we stopped here and it says so on the brochure from the campsite. It was still blowing a hoolie when we got here but the wind dropped right off today leaving us with a sunny day and temputure of 20 degrees in the shade and a loverly sunset after eating outside and a cold beer or two.  The campsite is quite new and is very nice. A big investment has gone into it. You walk out the entrance and cross the road and you are on the beach, to the side and behind are mountains and in the distant mountains you can see snow on the tops. That’s the white bits on top the mountains in the photo. The campsite is surrounded by poly tunnels which you can not see unless you really look. There is a bar and restaurant on site which we will try tomorrow. We also plan to walk into the small town tomorrow. So that’s us up to date.