Torrox Costa, try saying that when you have had a few beers. So that’s where we are now, been here since Monday and staying until Monday. Nice site but very tight for motorhomes due to all the trees which provide shade in the summer here when it’s really hot. We had a great drive here up through the mountain roads etc and the scenerey was fantastic with the mountains either side and little houses dotted up the mountains. No idea how they get to them, perhaps they have a donkey instead of a car. 

We got set up and just chilling having a beer in the sun when a friend from Somerset  appeared round the corner. We have been tracking each other and was hoping to meet up with them at some place but then we were in different places etc so it looked like it was not going to happen. They had got fed up with the weather in Portugal and as they are only away for a month they decided to move on. Was great to see them and we had a real good laugh. 

Yesterday we walked to the beach, about twenty minutes away and along the promenade with the sea on one side and the high rise apartments on the other. Not really our cup of tea but nice to see, at least it’s not as bad as Benidorm. We felt quite young looking around, but you can see why the oldies come here for the winter as its cheap warm, and plenty of promenade for their mobility scooters. They probably go out at night and have races around the blocks of flats. We sat outside a bar in the sun watching the world go by and the scooters. The guys selling the watches and jewellery never far away. Today are friends left and are heading up the coast a bit further. As I said we leave here Monday and drive about a hour and half to the next destination which is a campsite right by the beach. See you there.