Happy new year to you all. Hope you had a good one and not to many beers. No I lie hope you had lots of beer or wine but a happy new year. We spent the evening or the early part with friends in their RV with a few beers and a curry, not a late night, but did wake up to hear cheering and laughter and to see fireworks going off in the surrounding villages and towns.

We have now moved on from Mikki’s place to stay as we were to cut off and fed up with it there as so many problems with the campsite owners. Tell you when we see you. We drove out of Portagal and are now back in Spain at a place called Humilladero, only here for two nights as a rest point then off again tomorrow. On the way here we saw storks nesting on the electric pylons and even saw a few close up flying past. You would not one of them to hit your windscreen. And bought the cheapest fuel yet at 70p a litre. When we got here the campsite reception was closed so we found a pitch and set up and waited for them to open to book in. While we were waiting around we saw a load of pigeons flying around, but not your normal ol pigeon these have been dyed all colours and are fantastic to see in flight. Don’t ask me why they dye them because I don’t know but if I find out I will let you know. Enjoy the pics, they don’t do them justice as when in flight they look fantastic.