A quick hello, as the Internet here is shite. So I have not forgotten you all but for the next month the blog will be a bit hit and miss. No wonder the Internet i free here. The campsite we are on is Mikki’s place to stay, gets a bit confusing with Mikki the owner me being Mikey, Nikki being Nikki, just hope no Pikki’s turn up. The owner Mikki is a artist who paints and does pottery which is everywhere. 

The sun has been doing us proud and we even had a spot of rain one night or it might have been two spots, but it kept the dust down. Since we left England now in our sixth week we have only had two days rain.The bar area is nice and good prices. We had to go there the other evening just for research. I had four beers Nikki three large glasses of wine and it cost us £9. Back home that would of been one round. We are parked next to a Swedish guy who speaks very good English and is into his hot rods, choppers and American cars so have had a few chats with him. He also gave us a lift to a wine shop yesterday because it sold Guinness so I could stock up, better than the crap lager. So 48 cans of Guinness and two boxes of wine later, we know we won’t go thirsty. Nikki’s wine is working out at about 70p a bottle. We may be overloaded going home.