It’s our last night tonight at camping Albufeira, we have been here for six nights. We then move to Mikki’s a place to stay which is the only place we booked before coming away. We will be there for a whole month. It’s a site which is only about 18 months old so still being developed and only 60 places, a small bar etc. Should be interesting, not too sure what to expect but only one way to find out. Will keep you all posted. 

Yesterday we decided to back into the old town of Albufeira on the bus and treat ourselves to lunch out, just because we have not eaten out yet, got to save the ol euros a long way to go yet. Then we find out it’s a public holiday and the buses are a bit hit and miss. So it’s another walk back to the old town. We aim for the beach again. At the edge of the beach is a escalator which takes you up to the top of the cliff, how cool is that. At the other end of the beach is a lift which does the same, or you can go the normal way and walk up the paths or steps.  

After chilling out for a bit, it’s something we’re good at, and watching the fishermen dodging the waves while trying to catch their supper. I also had to keep one eye on the waves to get the photos. The things I have to do for you guys.  

Time to eat, there are a few places to eat, and as usual everyone wants your money. Also a lot of places are still closed from the storm and look like they will never open again, it really was that bad. We find a place and are greeted by a guy with a good sense of humour luckily. Now you’re all wondering what we had to eat, we both had piri piri chicken with chips and salad, I had a large beer and Nikki a glass of red wine. The food was excellent and the service. We had a great chat with the waiter who was Spanish and had such a laugh we could have stayed there all afternoon. The bill for the Meal and drinks. €15 that’s £10.53 Bargain. on the way back we called into a super market to get a few bits and stopped at the guy selling oranges on the side of the road. €2.5 for 5 kilo of oranges, that’s 18 oranges for £1.81 another bargain.