Guess what….we had some rain, but only for a couple of hours but it came with thunder and lightening. And it was all over by 10 am, so we are not complaining about the weather. Saturday one of the guys here who has a 38ft RV needed to go out and get some gas, so I volunteered to go with him, any excuse for me to go in one. Only about 20 minutes down the road but nice to be in one again. 

We were tod the mini bus was going to a pub on Sunday 3pm -8pm and only two places left so we jumped at the chance, gets us off site. From the outside you would never go into the pub as its in a two horse town with all derelict buildings around it and real dodgy looking. But once inside it’s great, there are music posters everywhere and old instruments on the walls, a stage at one end. Sunday is Jamming session, no that’s not bread and jam to those that don’t know, it’s where anyone who plays a instrument comes in and joins in. Owned by a ex pat it it attract.s all sorts of people with different music tastes. The pub also did food so we had a Sunday roast, beef for me and chicken for Nikki, washed down with a drink or two.Ok maybe three or four. The music was great, but it all stopped at about 7-30 because they blew a fuse. But it was a great night. 

Today the we had to go shopping, Oh how much I looked forward to that, but with the promise of steak on the menu for Xmas day even though we don’t do Xmas I was up and ready to go. So off to Aldi it was, that’s the nearest shop the mini bus goes to. Got my steak and some other bits and pieces. The plan is to get the BBQ out on Xmas day and eat outside in the sun. Well that’s the plan. Will let you know. 

Wednesday we have been invited next door for a drink/ eat. They are Swiss and there are going to be a few people there from all over, some Swiss, German,Dutch, and some English so should be good. You take what you want to eat and drink and your chair and that way you can’t moan about the food. A great idea I think. So that’s us up to date, we are now sat outside in the sun just chilling. So as we don’t do Xmas I can’t say it so all I will say to you all is. Have a happy holiday, enjoy your time off work.