After a chilled out weekend, we don’t like to rush things. And as I have always said, it’s good to do nothing and then have a rest afterwards. So Nikki’s foot rested up after the weekend and me with itchy feet we caught a bus into Caceres. Really friendly driver spotted the tourist straight away and told us where to get off and where to catch the bus for the return journey. How do they know a stranger in their country before we even try to say something. Only a 15 minute bus ride to the city centre, but that was not what we came to see. That part is all shops and hundreds of people, and Nikki’s only got €20 pocket money to last until we get into Portugal. We wanted to see the old town Caceres so walked down through the park and down some smaller streets. 

The old town is a mixture of  architecture which is a blend of Roman, Islamic, Northern gothic and Italian and the whole of the old town is enclosed by a wall. It’s such a contrast from the old to the new of the new town with tall buildings etc. I know which one I prefer. There were a few tourists about but not too many so most of the time we were just roaming around on our own. There is a lot of shade between the buildings so it stays cool and casts some great shadows on the buildings and makes for interesting pictures I think. Will let you make your mind up on that one. Tomorrow is another chill day and then we hit the road again on Wednesday leaving Spain and entering into Portugal.