We left Hicksville, sorry Salamanca with our shirts still on our back and dodged the tumble weed as we left, only being chased down the road by a couple of rabid dogs. The road to Caceres our next destination was a motorway but hardly any traffic on it. It’s hard to explain that it’s a motorway and sometimes you don’t see another car for a mile or so, a truck in the distance which we pass. The road goes through some mountain passes and you know you’re high when you see the tops of the pylons at your eye level. 

The campsite at Caceres is great, we were told about it by a couple at the last place we were on, it’s terraced and every pitch has its own little private shower room including a toilet, wash basin, mirror, and hair dryer point and a small little stone sink outside for hand washing cloths etc. They said it would be too tight for us to get on the pitches as they found it tight with their 7 mtr camper and the site would probably put us at the top of the site where there is more room.

So we get to reception where we had read reviews about the staff not being very friendly to find a young Spanish lady to book us in. The reviews were right, I explained we were 9 metres long and are the roads tight. No problem she says, she does not drive motorhomes and I think the only thing she would drive is her parents up the wall. She gives us the map of the site and yes we are on the terraces so I drive off to find our pitch. Yes it was a bit tight getting on the pitch but luckily nothing on the pitch opposite so could reverse onto there and drive onto ours. We get set up and then think we really need some shopping so back to happy lady and ask about supermarket, too far too walk so back to camper and drive off to supermarket to stock up as we are staying here for five or six days. It is a great site and some Spanish magpies keep coming round for the bread I throw out for them. 

Nikki’s foot is a bit sore at the moment so we are just chilling in the sun, yes the sun is out for the weekend and then Monday we’re going into the old town of Caceres which is supposed to be really nice.