A quick update while we have got good internet. So we have now travelled just over one thousand miles. Arriving at a small village called Pedrosillo 10 miles from Salamanca. The drive yesterday was a long one we stopped at a supermarket for some food and another quick stop for fuel further on. All together on the road for five hours, but it got us a lot further south and it’s sunny. The campsite we are on now is a really weird one, basic but with good showers and just off the motorway so easy exit easy entry tomorrow when we move off again. On one side of us we have huge big silos, at the other side across a field is a club with big flashing neon lights at night next to a hostel, opposite the entrance to the campsite is a 24 hr garage used by trucks to re fuel and park up for the night. It all looks a bit Hicksville. We had a walk into the local village and it was like a ghost town and I am sure I heard banjos playing, you know where I’m coming from.