So we eventually left the Twin lakes campsite at Montendre after a week. We only planned to stay a couple of days but the weather was so nice and the company and of course the bar. We went to settle the bill and for a weeks camping with electric hook up and four nights down the bar are bill came to €165 that’s about £120. So cheap compared to England or rip off Britain. 

We looked at the map and decided to have a bit of a drive to just north of Bayonne as the time is flying by and we are still only in France. We don’t plan a lot on this trip or I don’t and always said we will go where the wind blows us. Good job were not in England at the moment we would be blown well of the map. Hope your all ok.All the time we were at Twin lakes there was not a breath of wind and the day we said we were going a gentle breeze started so we new it was time to move on. 

After a 3 hour drive and only a quick stop for fuel and going on one small piece of toll road, that was fun having not used one before. Nikki got out as its on her side to pay and it all happened quickly, the barrier went up, jump in I said worrying the barrier would come down again. We made it no problem. We arrived at the aire Soustons plage, you enter through a barrier after paying €7 you find a spot and plug in to the electric. The fridge needs to stay cold for my beers you understand. We are over looking a lake and behind us is a pine forest then the beach. Only a five minute walk. Huge big surf but very messy. A walk round the lake today was just under four miles. Sun shining and now sat outside having a pint of the black stuff and Nikki having the last of her box of wine. Bon appetite till next time when we could be in Spain.