Hi everyone,after leaving Fouras with no water we headed for a aire about 3/4 hour away which was by a canal and had electric and water. Got there and there was no way we were going to fit on there, only for those little campers, but we did fill up with water while we had the chance to. Out with the aire book and off to another about 1/2 hour away. Pulled in Nikki straight away said she did not like it so we had lunch sat there and decided to head for a campsite. No point in staying somewhere if she is not comfortable with the area. We arrived at the campsite called Twin lakes, one which we were thinking of going on anyway. The owner Gary greeted us and if he was any more layedback he would fall over. I said not sure how long were staying. No problem pay when you leave, park where you want. How far is the town for food shopping, half hour walk but just take my car he says. We park up and go down the little bar for a. Drink, just put it on the bill, pay when we leave, so if we never leave we will not have a bill. We meet a couple of the forum and have a laugh, good to be able to speak some English for a change. The next day is a bank holiday and there is a massive market down the road, the biggest one in the southwest of France  Gary gave us a lift to it and dropped us off at one end saying he would meet us at the other. This market stetches for two miles and took us two hours to walk from one end to the other and all we bought was a loaf of bread and a huge big cake with Nutella in, very nice. We repeat the next day when another English couple join us also.Thats going down the bar not the market. The weather is fantastic, misty mornings and by ten o’clock the sun is out no wind and its warm. Sorry to hear back in England your getting battered by storms. Not sure how long were staying here at the moment properly move on next week but for now here are hopefully a pic or two of the campsite.