We are now in Spain and it’s bloody raining. The idea of this trip was to find sunshine. Will I get a refund. Ok up to now we have been really lucky with the weather as it is November. When we left Soustons the temperature had dropped after a very stormy day and night. 

We got on the motorway and headed for Zarautz just west of San sabastian, the roads were quiet as lorrys are not allowed to travel on the motorways on a Sunday unless carrying perishable goods. In the distance we could see mountains with snow on. Another adventure at the toll booth, when approaching them three of them were only 2.5 metres not good when your 3 metres high. And the others all had a HGV symbol and tag logo. So I just drove to one of them and put the hazards on thinking if following traffic saw the hazards on they woul avoid the lane, and they did. Nikki jumped out to pay and nowhere to pay, so press a little button and a voice speaks to you in French. Eventually they realize we are mad Engish and blocking a lane so speak in English and we are on our way again. 

Next it’s the border crossing, only two lanes open and police cars and armed police with balaclavas on standing every were and not missing a thing. I expect us to get pulled over but no we sail right on through. We eventually get to the campsite and are greeted by a loverly senorita who books us in for a couple of days and then shows us to are pitch. And we have a sea view. Great views from the campsite, you will have to believe me on that one. We are staying here  until tomorrow and then moving south. Going for a big drive to get further south and find some of that sunshine we came here for. So that’s us for now, hope you are all well. I do apologise for the lack of photos on these last two posts but if I don’t have a good internet connection I can not load them. As soon as I get a good connection will upload a few photos. Adios amigos.