Here we are at Minehead in Somerset. I can’t help thinking it was named after a German, it’s just the word Minehead. Every time I hear it said I hear it in a German accent.

Minehead is an old seaside town which has been added to over the years much like a lot of seaside towns. The old part is loverly with old cottages and thatched cottages on the hillside. Butlins came here in 1962 and brings in thousands of people to Minehead in the summer. The town part I don’t like, it’s to much bucket and spade brigade for me.

I would never come here in the summer, that’s when it fills up with lots of blokes wearing football shirts and mums shouting at the kids to come here. All heading for the amusement arcades to spend all their dole money then to the nearest pub to drink as much lager as they can before falling over while mum is still shouting for little Leroy to come back.

I nearly forgot. Happy new year to you all. I was planning on a dry January, no beer and no chocolate or crisps for a month. How did it go I hear you cry. I lasted three days before giving in, don’t know why I bother saying I am going to do it really. But I am getting off my arse and out on my bike and hiking after having a lazy can’t be bothered two months.

Minehead has a old railway station and the old steam trains are running in the summer months. At the moment all the carriages are parked up at the station waiting for the better weather and all them little Leroys.

All lined up
Old water tower

While here we had to go back to Barnstaple for the dentist and to see Mi Mi. The drive from here is not a good one and takes over an hour on some not so good roads at this time of year. Dentist robbed us of £360 pounds, why can’t I earn that sort of money for an hours work. I know why because I never went to school enough.

By the time we left the dentist and Mi Mi it was getting towards dusk and the country roads around Exmoor were looking nice. We saw a huge herd of deer, a couple of hawks and right next to us on a fence post as we drove past a barn owl .

After talking like we were drunk because of the anaesthetic from the dentist all the way home and spilling my drink of water where my mouth was not working like it should. All was well though by the time Nikki had cooked tea. There’s not a lot will get between me and my food.

The next day I went out on my bike up Bossington hill which has some great views overlooking Porlock bay although it was a bit murky due to the low cloud but at least it was a 15 mile bike ride done with a nice downhill section at 44 mph.

Bossington hill view

All around Minehead are little peaple made from scrap by a local guy who was unemployed. He started cleaning up Minehead to keep himself busy and then started making these little characters for the local businesses and they can be seen in so many places. Really brings a smile to faces when you spot them.

Happy peaple


We are here for a few weeks yet, so lots of exploring to do on foot and on bike and some trips out in the car planned. Lots of photo opportunities and maybe a pub or two. Maybe next year I can aim for 4 days of New Years resolutions before I give in. Stay safe everyone.

The train is leaving in March