Just before we left South molton I had to go and get my booster jab at the leisure centre. Nikki went to see her mum while I walked across to the leisure centre via the riverbank path. It was a shame Nikki could not get hers at the same time but she could not get booked in until a week later and hers was in Minehead.

The walk to the leisure centre could be taken by going through the town, not for me or along the riverbank. It’s not a long walk and you’re never far from the town but far enough for me. After passing under the old Barnstaple bridge through the subway with its graffiti which I must admit I quite liked as it was bright in an otherwise dull place. Better than just some scribble or tags as they’re called which look like a five year old found a can of spray paint and used it up.

Barnstaple graffiti

After you cross the old bridge you again walk along the riverbank for a short stretch to the leisure centre. Along the river bank are an assortment of old boats which have been there for years, never moved just slowly rotting away but some are more presentable than others.

One looks like it’s lived in and a bike business is run from it. There used to be a shop in the town that was piled high with old bikes of all shapes and sizes and an old guy called Gordy would do repairs outside the shop for anyone passing. He was well known in the town and used by many. The shop was sold a long time ago so it looks like Gordy moved on the boat and took a lot of his bikes with him.

Bikes with a view

The leisure centre was very well organised for the jabs and speaking to one of the helpers she said they had jabbed 3500 people the day before and were expecting to do more on the day I was there and were even staying open until midnight.

We spent the rest of the day with Nikki’s mum before heading back to South molton for our last night there before heading to Dulverton in Somerset. A site we have used before.

The reason we like Dulverton is because it’s a small quiet village, no road noise, a river runs beside it which you can hear gurgling at night and with the owls in the woods the other side of the river hooting it’s all very nice. Oh I nearly forgot to mention it has a couple of really nice pubs which you have to support while there. That’s the rules.


The woods on the riverbank opposite the campsite is where I do a lot of walking, I find it so peaceful up in the woods but it’s a hard uphill climb to to get there. Nikki prefers to walk around all the old streets. We also had a drive up to Minehead while here to get Nikki her third jab.

Another nice feature is the old church which I have taken many pictures of. One day last week the mist come in and the whole of Dulverton looked all gloom and when it got dark it only added to the atmosphere. So while Nikki was cooking tea in the warm I ventured out to take some photos. Heading for the church and hoping with the fog it was going to add to the atmosphere.

Dulverton church at night

The church did look nice in this sort of light and as I walked up through the town it was really quiet and with mist around it looked like something out of an old film set where in those days you get all the smog hanging around. I didn’t stay out long because I knew my tea was cooking but must admit I did struggle to walk past the pub looking in through the window with the log fire going and cosy atmosphere with a good selection of beers on tap. But I managed to get past.

Tomorrow we head off again to a site just on the outskirts of wellington for a couple of nights and then from there up to Minehead. I will keep you all posted as usual and as usual stay safe out there. We wish you all a happy new year.

The woods with sunlight hitting the moss on the trees.