Happy new year to you all. Let’s hope this year is better than the last one. Surely things can only get better. Fingers crossed.

We are still here in south Molton, we decided to stay here instead of going north although it’s costing us more money it’s nearer to MiMi (Nikki’s mum). We get payed at the end of March so it will be fine, we can have toast with our beans then. The timing was not right to leave Devon yet. The site is actually closed now because Boris said but they allow key workers and peaple who are in between house buying etc to stay. It’s very quiet here.

We had our first bit of snow on the 28th of January, not enough to stop life here in Devon but it was snow. It went as soon as it appeared. New Year’s Eve was really strange this year, it was so quiet. Not that we stay up for it anyway but normally we hear fireworks going off and peaple rolling out the pubs etc depending where we are on New Year’s Eve. The site has a club house which would normally be full with peaple eating and drinking and they have a band, and disco which all goes on very late, but this year they had to close it all down the day before because Boris said so. so this year it was very quiet.

Not a lot of snow

January 1st was MiMi’s birthday so we were going over to say happy birthday. We woke to a real hard frost -5 all the trees were white and the grass all crispy, the heating in the camper was working on overtime but we were all snug as a bug. I had to go out to take some photos for this blog and as soon as I stepped outside I thought if it gets any colder I might have to put some trousers on. Those thoughts never lasted very long. For those that don’t know me I never stepped out the van in my pants although I have done before but I wear shorts all year round. Not to be big or clever it’s just more comfortable for me and as long as I am all wrapped up on top my legs don’t get cold at all.

A moles view

Yesterday we decided to have a drive out to Wistlandpound reservoir to go for a walk. It’s about a twenty minute drive. The reservoir was built in1956. It’s owned by south west water, holds up to 1550 mega litres of water which is 341 million gallons. So glad I never had to empty it by bucket to find that info out. And it’s 22 metres deep in places.

It’s only a short walk around the reservoir about a mile and a half but it’s nice going around the waters edge and through the pine woods. There were a few peaple about walking off there Xmas feastings but not enough to worry about because of all the space. And it was very slippery in places with ice due to the frosty conditions over the last couple of days.

A seat for reflecting on life.
3D Trees

Half way around on the edge of the lake we saw these trees. The colour and the light conditions almost made them look like they were in 3D and with some of them reflecting in the still water made it all so unreal but amazing. We thought so anyway. The pine woods were also nice to see in winter.

The Pine woods

After the walk we went back home for lunch and just as we got back it poured with rain, good timing in our side. I planned it like that really. Today it’s raining so the temperature has come up to about 4 degrees. Tomorrow I have to go into Barnstaple to get my medication. Yes life has caught me up and after having blood tests they say I have high cholesterol so I need to take some medication (satins) I must admit I don’t like the idea of taking pills everyday but if the experts say I need to then I should listen to them. It’s better than taking the risk of a heart attack or stroke. I have so many more places in the world to see and so many more things to do before they do away with me. Stay safe everybody and keep taking your pills.

The road to who knows where.