Here we go again, just as you think you have a plan the goal posts move. Our plan was to stay at Dulverton then move on to Minehead, then cheddar and then into Wales before finally ending up at site ready to start work in March.

Just as we were getting comfortable at Dulverton and loving every minute of the peace and quiet, the sound of the river, the walks, the biking. We even planned on going to the pub for a substantial meal and a beer or two next week. I think it’s the first time we have been to the Dulverton site and not been to the pub.

The wardens told us all the club sites are closing on the 26th and we have to leave. Gutted. The club does have some sites open for waifs and strays like us but the nearest was up near Birmingham and we don’t really like the site. So we decided to come back to south molton so we are still able to see Nikki’s mum. We will spend two weeks here and see what Boris is going to do with the country then but we’re not holding our breath.

A couple of days ago We went to church, not to pray or nick the lead off the roof just to take some photos at night I wanted to do some in black and white. Then on the way back we popped in the fish and chip shop to get some tea to take home.

Dulverton church at night
Another angle

The village really does a great job with all their Xmas lights etc. All the trees on the shops have the same coloured lights, the shop windows are all decorated, it’s a real village community. It’s a shame the pubs are not able to be open as normal. Walking past the pubs windows and not seeing anyone in them was a first. Normally there is always someone in there from midday onwards.

Empty tables waiting

I went for one last walk up the woods above the campsite. A three mile walk and didn’t see a soul which was nice. The walk follows the river although you are a lot higher than it most of the time then you take a higher path and I even caught a glimpse of our camper through the trees. You can just see it in the middle of the picture.

I spy home

Leaving Dulverton today was interesting on the roads. Yesterday we had so much rain and the river leval was very high I knew there would be a lot of water on the country roads. In some places I had to drive on the other side of the road because of the amount of water but nothing too deep luckily. Tomorrow is Xmas day and we will go and spend it with Nikki’s mum. Stay safe everybody.

Dulverton town hall