We hitched up the car and left Brighton on a sunny morning heading out on the highway towards Wareham. The journey was faultless and we said how much we had enjoyed Brighton. Not the sort of place we would want to be for a long time but a week is ok. We will be back.

Arriving at the campsite just outside Wareham, the sun was still shining so all looking good, until we booked in. We were told there were travellers on site. And they were here for the same amount of time as us. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with travellers as long as they keep themselves to themselves and don’t bother me, or more important want what I have. That ain’t going to happen. We both work hard for what we have and I am very protective about it. We pitched up at the other end of the site to them and set up. The site had security the next day on site patrolling around just in case of any disturbance, it also looks good for the peaple staying on site to see them walking around.

While here at the site we wanted to go out and about. I wanted to get some photos of Lulworth cove and Durdle door, two really nice coves that I have not visited for years. The weather was overcast so we decided to go off to Lulworth cove. Only about half hour drive away. So we roll into the carpark and they want £4 to park for two hours. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind paying for parking but a reasonable charge. £4 was the minimum charge. We had no choice really so paid. Went to look at the cove, it was windy and rough but still looked great.

I was quite happy taking photos but Nikki was starting to turn blue with the cold wind and when I suggested we walk up the hill to get some shots from above, that’s when we parted company, not for ever just until I found her again in the visitor centre. I marched up the hill to get another view of the bay.

After my march up the hill and photo taking I descended down the other side and headed for the visitor centre which is where I found her mooching around the shop. The other side of the carpark is another big hill which takes you up and over to Durdle door. I did suggest the walk to Nikki but I can’t print her answer here, children might be reading. So the decision was made to drive around to the other bay. Only a ten minute drive through the country lanes brings us to Durdle door carpark. Luckily the machines were covered up so no charge. I was going to walk down to the bay. Nikki was going to stay in the car and keep warm while looking out to sea. With not a lot of peaple about I got some photos that I had wanted to get for ages. Hope you like them. The hike down and back up was worth it. Nikki stayed warm and still saw it all when I showed her the photos. I sometimes wonder who has got it right. This photo on the way down.

These photos are from down on the beach. Even with a moody sky I still think the place looks fantastic, and the fact no one is around makes it so much worth the hike.

This one is my favourite and made it worth it.

After climbing back up the footpath, in the wind and the cold.Yes the shorts are still on. Back in the car Nikki was happy in the warm. So two happy peaple off we went back to the campsite. We are here for a couple of more days and then hitch up and head for Dulverton, on the edge of exmoor. It’s a site we have used once or twice before, there’s a nice pub at the end of the road. We plan to meet friends on the weekend and have a bite to eat and a beer or two with them. The weather here in Wareham has not been kind to us, so have not been out round the forest on my bike although we did manage a small walk but got stopped by a flood so had to turn back. Hope we get some sun at Dulverton.