While we were at the Tredegar house caravan and motorhome club site working we were offered free tickets to go and look inside the Tredegar house and the gardens. One of the national trust property’s . We had already looked around the outside while walking in the park, pressing our noses up against one of the many big iron gates to get a glimpse of life on the other side. Our day off came round and for the first time it was going to be a nice day with blue sky’s and sunshine. So what do you do on a nice day off and no rain after being out in the rain for a week or more. Of course you go inside a posh big house.

The house was spectacular inside and it’s hard to imagine how these places got built and the sort of money those peaple would have had all that time ago. The stable block alone was bigger than a school building. The number of staff to run the house and stable block would have been huge. Every room being so grand. The national trust volunteers who work in these houses know all about the different peaple who used to live in them and what they did etc. As it was a quite weekday we did get pounced upon as soon as we walked into a room, bit like a car sales person. If there had been more peaple looking around we could have dodged some of them or chose to listen if we wanted. But they were very good. This is part of the stable block.

The gardens outside were interesting. Not at there best because of the time of year but still nice to walk around in the sun, yes it was still shining. They would have grown all their own food in parts of the garden to feed the whole family and staff.

I love trees and really liked this one, the way it had grown and the huge one in the background which was hundred of years old. Very impressive.

A couple of days later we left the caravan and motorhome park to head back to Cirencester. It was pouring with rain. I do hope it doesn’t always rain in Wales otherwise next year we will both look like prunes at the end of the season.

Our new wardens for next year contacted us and said the were going to the NEC at Birmingham and would that be easier for us to meet them. It’s about an hour and a half away from Cirencester. It’s normal practice to try and meet your new wardens for the next year, first impressions and all that. There was a caravan and motorhome show on at the NEC so we decided it would be good to meet them and make a day out for us to look around the show. We left Cirencester at 7am and got there at 9 am. Lots of traffic but we were there nice and early so straight in Wetherspoons for a big breakfast. Met our new wardens for a coffee and chat for an hour, who were really nice, hope they thought the same about us. Then we had a look around the motorhomes and bits and pieces stalls. Only saw two motorhomes which I really liked, one at £135,000 which was a Dethleffs tag axle and a very nice Niesmann Bischoff at £238,000. You only had to put down £100,000 as a deposit and the rest you could have had on finance. It was very nice though. I did offer them a pound a week but got a funny look from the salesman in his suit.

One last picture to Brighton up your day. Sunflowers of some kind in the Tredegar house gardens. Hope the sun is shiny where you are.