Here we are into our seventh week of work. Who ever thought we would last this long. We have had two pay days which is really scary as we only get eight before our contract is over. We are really enjoying the job, well most of it. In my last post I told you about Nikki going out on the John Deere tractor and posted a picture of her looking all comfortable in the driving seat. She has done really well. Not to be outdone on the outside duties, I got another toy out the garage. As you can see it’s another John Deere, but it’s bigger. Big toys for big boys. Cor did I have fun cutting the big grass areas on that.

Ok that’s enough of work talk. What else have we been up to. We had a visit from some friends we met in spain. Bill and Heather, they are keen walkers and Bill used to come out biking with me. He was the really fit one but could not keep up with me on the hills because I have my E bike. He has now bought an E bike so I’ve got no chance of keeping up with him now. Really nice to see them both.

We wandered into Cirencester town last Thursday, I was desperate to get a haircut and Nikki wanted to have a browse around. Plenty of barbers in the town so I just took the easy route and went for the first one we came across. Good haircut but what a boring barber, no conversation whatsoever. I almost started to talk to my reflection in the mirror but then realised if I did that I would not get a sensible answer. After the haircut it was time for a hot chocolate and chocolate brownie. Yum yum. The weather has been fantastic especially as it was bank holiday Easter so we had a couple of BBQ’s. Can’t beat cooking outside and sipping a nice cold beer or wine in the sun.

Yesterday was our day off and we went to look at the Cirencester Amphitheatre, it’s a short walk from the site. The earthwork remains are one of the largest Roman Amphitheatres in Britain. Built in the 2nd century when Cirencester was called Corinium and was second only to London in size and importance with a population of over ten thousand. The Amphitheatre would hold about eight thousand spectators. As we walked into the arena I could hear the Romans shouting and cheering. Now you know why I never talked to my reflection in the barbers mirror. The picture below shows Nikki stood in the arena to give you an idea of the size. It would have had seating made from stone and wood and tiered up the banks and an entry and exit.

On our way back we walked into the Bathurst estate because I wanted to get some photos of the colourful dandelions. I know they are weeds, but I think a weed is only a weed if you don’t like it. I think they look spectacular and make great photos in this instance.