We are now into our last month. We leave this site in Villajoyosa in ten days time and start heading north. Are we looking forward to that. Yes and no, I will be glad to get behind the steering wheel and out on the road. But I would prefer to be driving south instead of north. But needs must, the bank balance is going down faster than my bike tyre so we need to return to work to start saving to get on the ferry in November. We must admit the time here staying on one campsite has gone quick and we have been out and about, but next year with the E bikes will be a whole lot better to get out more. It’s also cheaper to stay in one place because of the discount you get on your pitch for long stay, and with the euro to pound rate not very good it makes sense.

We are having a cold spell at the moment, not as bad as back in the UK but we have been spoiled with so much sunshine this winter. We woke the other morning to snow on the mountains, they are in the distance and very high so no worries. Looks nice from here but we don’t want it on the roads.

We have even had some rain in the night for the last three nights, but the days have been dry but colder. As from Saturday the temperature starts to rise again reaching 18/19 degrees again so that’s nice for our last week here. It will be colder though as we head North, and France and further north in Spain has had a lot of snow.

Our friends Rob and Jean came over from Benidorm last week for the day to see how the other half live. They are enjoying Benidorm but did like it where we are. We all had a good day including a beer stop here and there with some food thrown in. It’s what we’re good at.

I have mentioned the bird life out the front of the camper in the and around the olive trees. The hoopoe is a regular visitor now and the other day there was two of them chasing around and doing a flying display, it’s coming up to mating season so the male was strutting his stuff. Also there has been a new bird on the block. It’s a Iberian shrike, I have never seen one before but I knew about the shrike family. They are called butcher birds. They are often seen perched about ten to fifteen feet off the ground looking out for prey. The one here sits regularly on the same tree. A bit to far away to get a decent picture. They eat small birds and grasshoppers, bugs and even snakes. Once they see there prey they fly down attack it then they impale it on a barbed wire fence or thorny Bush an come back to it later. Hence the name of butcher birds.

So that’s us up to date. The next time I post we will be on our way home stopping here and there up through Spain and France, the tans will be fading and we will be getting nearer and nearer to our work place. Can’t wait…….Not