. Had a great last couple of days in the UK, at the Sparkford musuem and a nice meal in the pub for my dads 80th.

And now we’re in France. We caught the 8.30am ferry. Big surprise we never got searched this time. Quite disappointed really I was looking forward to getting patted down by a nice French lady. We don’t normally like to go far on the first day when getting off the ferry, but decided to drive for a couple of hours to a place called Fougeres where we would spend the first night on a aire near the chateau. The sun was shining, the roads clear and we were on the road. Found the aire and parked up.  The sun was starting to go down so we had a quick walk around the outside of the chateau which was very impressive. A good nights sleep and a. Dry frosty morning followed.


We needed to top up with fuel and get a bit of shopping the next morning before heading out on the highway. There was a big supermarket up the road and we could also get fuel there. The car park was busy but we managed to find a space on the end of the row, well two spaces actually as we take up two spaces and being so big it’s better if we can get on the end of the row for getting out. All went well. Off to get fuel and try and squeeze into a gap where a car would normally go for fuel. A bit tight but we managed with me at the nozzle end and Nikki at the put your card end. Lucky we are both so slim. LOL.Back on the road we are heading for an aire by a lake out in the country. Again the sun is out the roads are clear. The speeding laws have changed in France now where now if you get caught speeding now they can access the uk database and fine you. It’s still a bit of a grey area from what I can gather. But the reason I mention it is because I got flashed. Not by a loverly French lady but by a little box on the side of the motorway. Being over 3.5 ton my limit is the same as HGV lorry’s 90kilometers per hour. This is very frustrating as the lorry’s bumble along and so do we normally, but when you want to get somewhere I tend to cruise at about 70mph on clear open roads with hardly anything on them. So we will see what happens it’s done now so no point in thinking about it.

We get to the next aire by the lake after a small detour. Thanks sat nav. The road leading to the village of Boisme is used like a race track it seems as the cars coming towards us are going at motorway speeds except for one ol boy who must have been about 110 years old and in the middle of the road, but we passed by. Parked up, the sun is out the trees look beautiful in there autum colours, so a walk round the lake was what we needed after being on the road for four hours.


A pint in the sun and some tea and as the sun goes down it starts to cool down. All cozy inside looking forward to a nice quite night beside the lake in the country. WRONG the race track is behind us and also the big juggernougt lorries have joined in the race, dogs are barking and the trees we are parked under are dripping on the roof. Plip plop plip plop,pliperdy ploperdy. It sounds like a bunch of sqeurals are having a party up the tree. Would we come back to this so peacefully aire. NO. We move on the next morning for another 4.5hour drive to Parcverger a campsite we have stopped at before for a nice shower and a peaceful night.